DF ECG is a total cardiac imager in real time.  This device is a twelve channel real-time, continuous ECG monitoring device with the DFDI.  It is the precursor of the "Nano-ECG", the scientific prototype.



The present ECG it is not possible to measure or visualize continuous monitoring of small scale changes.


DF ECG a total cardiac imager in real time.

Completed the proof of concept for the Descrete Fractal Electrocardiogram (DF ECG) Hardware and Descrete Fractal Dimensional Index (DFDI) Software.  Both patents are approved, scientific prototype completed and tested for commercialization stage.


DF ECG:   Application No. 483/CHE/2012,  Date:  2/09/2012. Approval No. 33/2013, Date:   8/16/2013.  The new ECG is a transthoracic interpretation of the electrical activity of the heart, over time captured and externally recorded by skin electrodes.  It is a non-invasive recording produced by an electrographic device.


DFDI:   Application No. 2989/CHE/2007,   Date: 12/14/2007. Approval No. 27/2009, Date:  9/11/2009.  The DFDI is an apparatus (software) that is comprised of calculating the lead values from electrode readings taken from electrodes attached to the patient.  This measures normal cardiac activities (NCA) and is indicative of pathological activities (PCA).  

Signed Joint Venture Agreement with the Institute of Advanced Research Studies (IARS):  Intellectual Property Management - Nanotechnology Patents and various other Intellectual Property. This Agreement represented a shift in My Medical Link's business to focus on intellectual property management.

An ICAP/Ocean Tomo auction resulted in a bid offer of an MML Intellectual Property.  The minimum bid requirements for the IP unmet, the parties involved agreed to rescind the offer, pending product review.

Completed Alpha prototype of the Descrete Fractal Electrocardiogram and Descrete Fractal Dimensional Index.

Formed MML's Legal and Financial team of experts noted for legal, business, and leadership background and skills.

Signed an Intellectual Property Management Agreement with Biomoles, Inc. for DNA and Genome Testing products and services with two issued patents and various other IP.

Signed an Intellectual Property Management Agreement with Neurosynaptic, Inc: Global Home Health Monitoring devices and services.

My Medical Link, Inc. was founded and incorporated in health information technology management.

Executed a Licensing Agreement with EBSCO for Medical/Health content information database.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)  and Business Development Partnership with Hewlett-Packard. Developed self-contained prototype kiosk systems with Hewlett-Packard and Kiosk Information Systems, Inc. for Medical/Health Information accessibility.