Based on the preceding steps, and the potential partner's overall IP objectives and goals, we then recommend action for the prospective partner to take, to achieve the full benefit from its IP.  Implementation could involve any or all of the following:  licensing, disposition of IP assets, auction consignment sale, merger and acquisition, new entities/ spin-off, and strategic alliances.

Our IP management team will help to identify suitable candidates for business relationships and propose, negotiate, and prepare legal documentation for such transactions.


As part of the commitment and maintenance of successful business partnerships, MML has created a dedicated organization for IP management and alliances.  With so many options, choosing the right partnership can sometimes be confusing.  At MML, we strive to make even the most complicated decisions clear for our prospective partners.  Yet, putting together the right partnership requires not only the commitment of the parties to the alliance but also the right structure for sharing of value when the partnership succeeds. Successful IP management and alliances are more critical than ever to our strategy.  We are working hard to be recognized as the IP management industry’s premier partner by creating value for our partners and for our alliances. Assuming a decision to move forward is made, a due diligence process is initiated that, among other items, will begin to determine the strategic, operational, and cultural fit for all parties.  Our IP management and cultural assessment are designed to help understand how we can best work together, recognizing and valuing the cultural differences that often exist between potential partners.

Our IP management team, in concert with our legal and financial team, will see contract negotiations to completion.  The legal and financial team will then work with a prospective partner and the MML team to establish the optimal structure and processes to achieve the IP Management and alliances objectives.


Our IP management team is exclusively committed to bringing value to all parties in an alliance.  Acting as valuable IP experts, alliance managers effectively guide partnerships into lasting business relationships.

The IP management team is mindful of the unique characteristics inherent to each partner and will ensure that MML and company build and implement all capabilities required to attract partners, manage alliances, and realize the full alliance value for MML and our partners.


Creating the right partnership requires not only the commitment of the parties to the alliance but also the right structure for sharing value when the partnership succeeds.  That’s why our result-driven strategy focuses on building mutually beneficial partnerships through a well-defined process.  The Intellectual Property management team’s role as a part of sourcing innovation is to craft external partnerships.

To do this successfully, MML’s IP management team participates in the earliest stages of a potential partnership, working closely with a potential partner to frame a mutual understanding of the opportunity by Building a shared perspective with a prospective partner on what the alliance is intended to achieve. Communicating regularly with a prospective partner to ensure activities are consistent with the guiding principles of the partnership to which both parties have agreed. Ensuring timely and appropriate business, legal, financial, and alliance IP management involvement.


Intellectual property plays an important role in an increasingly broad range of areas, ranging from the Internet to health care to nearly all aspects of science and technology and literature and the arts. 

Understanding the role of intellectual property in these areas requires extensive technical knowledge in Intellectual Property laws, evidence-based information, and strategic alliance to realize the maximum opportunity to create the protection of intangible and tangible assets and achieve the full value to manage and monetize.

Our Expertise is to deliver on these objectives, by forming a team comprising of experts in the fields of IP law, biotechnology, nanotechnology, IP valuation, finance, and business management.  The U.S. based team's expertise brings to bear their vast experience on innovators faced with navigating the IP system, commercializing their inventions, and handling merger and acquisition challenges from the giants that dominate the IP industry.   Finally, MML's team assures that the "little guy" gains his just rewards from his genius creations.