​"Creating and extracting value from ideas."

What We Do

My Medical Link, Inc. is an Intellectual Property (IP) Management Corporation dedicated to developing and obtaining innovative technology and underlying intellectual property.

The impact of MML's IP management unleashes the full potential of the invention's contribution to scientific discovery in many ways:  It promotes research and development by cutting R&D time and costs; it accelerates the process of bringing products to market while it enables the "cross-fertilization" of technology in the scientific community; it enables inventors to receive maximum reward for their hard work and genius, and promotes the synergies necessary for their cultivation; and finally, it capitalizes on a growing business trend to harness a company's assets to be reflected in company balance sheets.

Research Development and IP Management

Our deep internal research development and IP management capabilities will enable us to bring important new technologies to the market.  However, we recognize that no single organization has all the expertise required to produce innovative solutions.  Therefore, an integral part of our Research and Development (R&D) strategy is to continue to seek new research capabilities and high potential IP and underlying technologies candidates from other organizations.


MML is committed to establishing relationships with third parties that supplement and enhance its internal capabilities and create similar benefits for our partners.  We are seeking strategic alliances that facilitate the invention, discovery development, and commercialization of novel IP and underlying technologies that will mutually benefit MML and our collaborators.

Practice Areas
  • Nano Technology

  • Medical Equipment Manufacturing

  • Medical Software